KINTO SHARE CANADA - TMMC Team Members Terms and Conditions


  • **I understand: Use of the KINTO Pool Car Fleet is a PRIVILEGE. Failure to adhere to the TMMC Team Members Terms and Conditions may result in REVOKED BOOKING PRIVILEGES.

  • I hereby verify that I possess a valid Driver's License with NO restrictions preventing me from driving the KINTO pool vehicle.

  • KINTO pool vehicles MUST be returned with a full tank of gas.

  • KINTO pool vehicles are not for personal use (ie: moving, vacation, etc.).

  • If business travel is required over a weekend, vehicles should be picked up from the plant on the date of travel.

  • Credit cards provided may ONLY be used to purchase gas and washer fluid for the assigned pool vehicle.

  • I understand all pool vehicles are equipped with Geotab fleet management tracking units.

  • KINTO pool vehicles are NON-SMOKING vehicles.

  • Team Members are required to remove all materials from the vehicle upon exit (waste, coffee cups, etc.).

  • Drivers MUST obey the highway and traffic act and are personally responsible for the payment of any traffic/parking violation tickets

  • Manager and above must have authorization approved by HR manager or above and leave their vehicle/keys with reception.

  • Vehicles MUST be returned by the scheduled return time.

  • I have read and agree to abide by ALL the above terms and conditions.