Rideshare for Drivers
British Columbia


Freedom means no commitments

Weekly Toyota Mirai rentals exclusively for Rideshare Drivers using the Lyft platform at an introductory rate of $198 a week.*

  • No Keys

  • Worry-Free Driving

  • No Ownership Costs

  • Includes Owner's Insurance

*Plus applicable fees and taxes  

Access pre-sanitized zero CO2 emission Toyota Mirai vehicles in Metro Vancouver

Your phone is your key

Download the KINTO Share Canada app to get started:




Introductory Rate

Unlimited Kilometres*

Plus applicable fees and taxes. 28 day maximum rental period. After August 1st, 2021, rates are $288/week.
*Restrictions apply. See Terms of Use at www.kintoshare.ca/legal

No Keys

Your smartphone is your key. No pick-up counters, no key-handoff. Rent and access a vehicle all using your phone.


Cleanliness and Safety

Toyota Dealerships sanitize your vehicle using a multipoint process inside and out, with close attention to high touch points following government guidelines.


Worry-free Driving

Contactless pick-up at a Toyota Dealership.  No paperwork to fill out. Just connect to your reserved vehicle and drive away.


No Ownership Costs

Book for a minimum of a week and up to four weeks, no long term commitment required.


Maintenance* and owner's insurance always included. 

*Restrictions apply. See Terms of Use at www.kintoshare.ca/legal

Get Started

Download the KINTO Share Canada app:


Download the app (Apple iOS, Android) and apply online in minutes. Approval can take as little as 1-3 business days!


Create a reservation through the app (watch the how to video). Once the Mirai is added to your Lyft driver profile, use your phone to access the vehicle. Contactless pick-up at one of our conveniently located participating Dealerships. No rental desk or paperwork!


Enjoy driving reliable, Dealer-maintained and sanitized cars while you earn with Lyft. If required, extend your reservation on your phone. Easy and convenient!


Pick up a Mirai one of our convenient participating Dealership locations in Metro Vancouver.

Don't see a Dealership near you? Send us a message below if you would like to be notified when KINTO Share is available in your area.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of insurance am I covered by?

We have placed Third Party Liability Insurance coverage on the vehicle. An individualized insurance card for each vehicle is provided in the vehicle. However, if you are insured under an automobile insurance policy and you are involved in a collision or other incident involving the vehicle, under British Columbia law, your automobile policy may provide the primary insurance coverage.

What are the qualifications for being a KINTO Share member?

You must meet and maintain at all times the following eligibility criteria to become and remain a KINTO Share Canada member and to use the Services:

a) General

• at least 25 years old;

• hold a valid Class 1,2,4 driver’s licence for the Province of British Columbia with three years driving experience;

• have a valid licence from Lyft in the City in which you are providing rideshare services only for Lyft; and

• have proof of insurance from Lyft.

b) Traffic Offences

• if you are under 26 years of age, have no more than one minor traffic violation (cell phone or distracted driving violations, failure to stop, seatbelt violation) committed within or outside of Canada;

• if you are 26 years of age or over, have no more than two minor traffic violations (cell phone or distracted driving violations, failure to stop, seatbelt violation) in the past three years committed within or outside of Canada;

• have no major traffic violations (such as speeding between 50km and 60 km over the speed limit, failure to report an accident, speeding in a school zone) in the past three years within or outside Canada;

• have no driving related criminal/serious convictions (such as impaired driving, carrying hazardous substances, driving while licence under suspension, speeding 60km or more over the speed limit) in the past three years

c) Criminal Offences

• have no criminal convictions in the last seven years for any of the following:

o Violent crime

o Felony offence

o Drug-related offence

o Sexual offence

o Theft or property damage offence

o Other violations will be evaluated at our sole discretion;

We reserve the right to revoke your KINTO Share membership at any time for any reason, including the suspension of your licence with Lyft.

What if my application is taking longer than expected?

If you have not received a decision in 1-3 business days after submitting your KINTO Share for Rideshare Drivers (BC) application, please contact customer support:

Email: Support@kintoshare.ca

24/7 text support: 226-779-7555

Does KINTO Share store my credit card information?

No, KINTO Share does not store any personal credit card information, and we work with PCI-compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) partners to ensure that your information is transmitted securely by a third-party payment processing company.

How do I get started?

To get started with KINTO Share for Rideshare Drivers, you first need to be approved to drive with Lyft in British Columbia. If you have not been approved as a driver yet, please go to www.lyft.com/driver to apply. Once that step is complete, you can download the KINTO Share app and start the registration process. During the registration process, we will ask you to scan your driver’s licence, validate your email and phone number, agree to our Terms of Use, provide your credit card and answer some basic qualification questions. We will then verify that your driver’s licence is valid, authenticate you are an approved Lyft driver and confirm that you meet our eligibility criteria (see below). Once all these steps are complete, we can provide you with access to vehicles available to reserve in your area.

After setting up a reservation, a specific Mirai will be associated to your Lyft driver profile one business day before the start of your rental. If you show up to check into your rental and the Mirai has not been associated to your Lyft profile yet, please immediately contact our 24/7 support by text: 226-779-7555.

How do I get the keys to my vehicle?

There are no physical keys. Your smartphone and the KINTO Share app allow for easy keyless entry. To get going, you simply walk up to the KINTO Share vehicle and activate your reservation with your smartphone by using the app to start the reservation, unlock the doors and start your vehicle. The app is also used to lock the doors when you stop and exit the vehicle. It’s very easy and convenient.

We support most iOS and Android devices. Please refer to the individual iOS and Android app pages for more information:
-Apple iOS

- Android

How do I refuel the Toyota Mirai?

How do I refuel the Toyota Mirai?:

What is the minimum and maximum reservation durations?

All reservations are done on a weekly basis.

Minimum: 1 week

Maximum: 4 weeks

How and when do I pay?

Payment can be made by VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

During the registration process in the KINTO Share app, you will be asked to provide your credit card details. At the time you book your reservation, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the estimated cost of your reservation.

At this point, we are not accepting other forms of payment.

Where do I refuel the Toyota Mirai?

Where do I refuel the Toyota Mirai?: North Vancouver Esso/7-Eleven Station 2501 Westview Drive
South Vancouver Shell Station 8686 Granville Street
Burnaby Shell Station 4505 Canada Way For more information on hours and locations, go to: https://www.htec.ca/stations

What is the maximum range of the Mirai?

The maximum range of the Toyota Mirai is 500km as per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rating. Individual range may vary based on driving habits and other factors.

Where can I put a phone holder in the Toyota Mirai?

All vehicles are equipped with a pre-installed phone holder but you are more than welcome to bring a phone holder that can be safely installed in the vehicle without obstructing your view or operation of the vehicle.

What is the H2O button and when do you press it?

When the fuel cell system is stopped, water is automatically purged from the tailpipe. To minimize water accumulation in parking garages, for example, purge can be done manually before parking by pressing the “H2O” button located on the left side of the dashboard. Note that the “READY” indicator on the metre must be ON.

Does the car have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

The 2019 Toyota Mirai does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Will the Toyota Dealership walk me through the car?

KINTO Share is designed to be self-serve with no rental desks or keys required to access the vehicles. Your smartphone and the KINTO Share app allow for easy keyless entry. To get going, you simply walk up to the KINTO Share vehicle and activate your reservation with your smartphone by using the app to start the reservation, unlock the doors and start your vehicle. The app is also used to lock the doors when you stop and exit the vehicle. It’s very easy and convenient.

If you require information about how the Toyota Mirai works, please refer to the following resources:

What is the refueling time of the Mirai?

It takes about five minutes to fully refuel the Toyota Mirai.

What are the hours of the Toyota Dealerships where I can pick up my Mirai?

Refer to the individual Dealership websites to confirm their operating hours:

Can I leave my personal vehicle at the Dealership?

No. Please do not leave your personal vehicle at the Dealership or it will be towed.

How do I register?

Learn how to register by watching the following guide: